Based on feedback from post-event surveys, when asked to rate the Overall Experience of the 2018 Prince Edward County Gran Fondo Experience, the weighted average was 8.61/10. Look for this number to increase in 2019!

Here is a sampling of comments received:

“It was great to be a part of something so big! I had a great ride. The volunteers who worked the check-in for riders were fabulous! Congratulations on a great event! We're looking forward to joining you next year.” 10/10 Ken and Jo-Anne W., Belleville, ON

“Well organized. Lots of support. [Loved] meeting new people, riding roads I hadn't been on yet. The route was well marked and well supported.”

 “How well organized it was. How you added unusual elements like the live music bands and the winery. It took the whole thing over the top.” 10/10 Abby M., Brantford, ON

“Route was great. It was also well marked. The rest stops were awesome. Those are key elements of a ride and they were well done. Congrats!” 9/10 David M., Toronto, ON

“Liked the scenery riding with a group of friends- 20 of us. Loved the bags the t-shirt and jersey were amazing!”

“The organization of the whole weekend…stayed at Isaiah Tubbs resort…and what a perfect place for this event to start from and return to. I like the fact you capped it to 500 riders…easier to mingle with people and converse. The bus idea was perfect…could drink and not drive…smart idea!” Gloria O., Balderson, ON

“The special attention to all details. Other Gran Condos should be jealous. Great resort, food, and focus on fun.” 10/10 Sheila S, Perth, ON

“This was the perfect introduction to distance riding for our kids - getting to ride with them was a total highlight. The routes were excellent, the volunteers were super helpful and the whole vibe of the experience was great. Congratulations to you and your team. We have done lots of organized rides before and this really nailed it first time out of the gates!” 10/10 Laura F., Toronto, ON

“The scenery is excellent. The route is reasonable in terms of difficulty and the location is perfect for people coming from Montreal Ottawa and Toronto.” 9/10 Bill H., Toronto, ON

“The traffic. I have never seen such well behaved vehicular traffic.” 9/10 James B., Baltimore,ON

“I enjoyed the camaraderie of all of the riders and meeting new friends.” Phil B., Belleville, ON

“Meeting some great people along the way that all share similar interests, this event draws a great crowd.” 9/10 Gus C., Toronto, ON

“Everyone was so friendly and helpful; [loved] the post ride meal; loved the fact it was a whole weekend event - made it feel like a real break!!” 10/10

“The scenery was fantastic - the community support was obvious and really nice to see.” 9/10 Gord B., Cobourg, ON

“Great ambience, great organization. Loved it. Will be back.” 9/10