How do I register for this year’s event? What is the cost of entry?

GRAN FONDO - 100 km: Register by June 01: $120.00 June 30- September 1: $140.00 September 1 - September 7: $160.00 GRAN FONDO ELITE - 150 km: Register by June 01: $140.00 June 30- September 1: $160.00 September 1 - September 7: $180.00 CORTO FONDO - 50 km: Register by June 01: $100.00 June 30- September 1: $120.00 September 1 - September 7: $140.00

Online registration closes on Friday, September 6th at 5 pm EST.

Can I switch my entry to a different distance (eg. Gran Fondo to Corto Fondo)?

You can change your distance from a longer distance to a shorter distance at no extra charge. This can be done right up until event weekend by contacting us at the 2019 County Gran Fondo Package Pick-Up at the Isaiah Tubbs Resort from Friday, Sep 6th (6:30-9 pm.) and Saturday, Sep 7th (7-8 am.). Isaiah Tubbs Resort is located on West Lake at 1642 County Road 2.

You can also change your distance from a shorter distance to a longer distance at the cost of the difference in registration price between the two distances. This can be done right up until event weekend by contacting us at the Information Desk on Sep 7th .

When/where can I pick up my registration information?

You may pick up your rider package at Isaiah Tubbs Resort, O'Neill Pavilion on Friday, Sep 6th between 6:30-9 pm. and on Saturday, Sep 7th between 7-8 am. Isaiah Tubbs Resort is located on West Lake at 1642 County Road 2.

Will event waivers be available in advance? Can I pick-up a friend’s ride package?

Our policies require that you sign an official 2019 County event waiver in the presence of our staff/volunteers at Package Pick-Up. In other words, event waivers are not available online in advance. As well, this requirement means that you cannot pick up the registration of another rider (i.e. a friend or family member).

I am unable to participate in this year’s event, can I get a refund? Can I sell my entry?

In the event of injury, scheduling conflict, etc., until August 7 (5 p.m. EST) registered riders can roll-over their 2019 registration to the following year (i.e. 2020) for a nominal fee ($75 fee + taxes; service fee included).

In addition to transferring to a different category, a registered rider can also transfer an event entry to another individual using the user account created when you first registered. Please note there is a transfer fee of $30 + tax (processing fee included). A registered rider can transfer an event entry to another individual up until 5 p.m. EST, August 31, 2019.

Can a group register as a team? Can I join a team if I’m already registered?

Yes, indicate your team name when registering if you have one (maximimum number per team is 8). Yes, let us know your team name and we will add it to your profile. Gran Fondo riders can form teams with a maximum of 8 and minimum of 4 riders in one of the following categoires: Female; Male; Mixed (the top 5 finishers of each team must include at least 2 members from each gender). Top Teams in each category receive great prizes from our sponsors. Note, the 4th rider across the finish line determines the 'team time' so working together is in your interest.


What is included with my Gran Fondo entry fee?

* A fully supported ride on some of the most scenic roads in Prince Edward County.

* Official 2019 County Gran Fondo T-shirt. Note T-shirts are only guaranteed for registrations received up until August 1.

* Complimentary digital pack of personal event photos

* Full mechanical support throughout the ride.

* Aid and medical stations along the route, complete with food and sports drinks.

* Bike parking during post-event celebrations.

* Complimentary barbeque for 2019 riders, until 3pm.

* Official 2019 swag, including a custom specialty item, and more…

* Pre- and post-event activities and entertainment for you and your family.

* A complimentary beverage at the Prince Eddy's Patio upon completing your ride.

What is the minimum rider age for registration?

A rider aged between 14 and 18 years of age is considered a youth rider. Rider age is the age of the rider on the day of the event (September 7, 2019). Riders under 14 are not eligible to enter. All youth riders must have: the consent of a parent or guardian; some experience of group riding; a solid understanding of road riding safety and etiquette;their waiver signed by parent/guardian at Package Pick-Up; and present proof of age and photo ID at Package Pick-Up.

Event Weekend & Travel Info

What’s the tentative Schedule of Events?

Participants can pick up their Rider package at the following times: Friday night between 6:30-9 pm at Isaiah Tubbs ONeill pavilion. Saturday morning between 7- 8 am at the pavilion. To be ready to start at 8:00 am, we recommend you arrive to Isaiah Tubs by 7:30am latest. 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Post race party Music, lunch and refreshments at the finish line pavilion

Can you suggest hotel options?

The Isaiah Tubbs Resort is the official host hotel of the 2019 County Gran Fondo. To reserve a room, please call 800.724.2393 and provide your Registration Order Number for the Gran Fondo to access the room block. Additional hotel & B&B options - ranging from budget to high-end are available throughout Prince Edward County. We recommend booking your accommodations as soon as possible.

What kind of weather should I expect?

We have planned the event at this time as the summer rush is past and the weather is usually still ideal.

Ride Info and Course Details

What time and where does the ride start on Saturday, September 7th?

All rides start from Isaiah Tubbs Resort at 8AM from the corner of Winn's Drive & County Road #12. We encourage riders to arrive by 7:00am. Start Chute procedures are in effect for this year’s event. Those wearing a County Gran Fondo jersey (any distance) will get to line up at the front (our photographer's request), followed by 150km riders, then 100 km riders, then 50 km riders. Please seed yourself accordingly.

Where Can I access the route maps?

Right here! Click on links below to view routes.




Where can I park on the morning of the ride?

There will be plenty of parking at Isaiah Tubbs Resort. Follow the signs on arrival along Winn Road. For more details click Resort Map below.

Resort Map

What will be available at the on-course Aid Stations?

There will be at 3 Aid Stations on the course and in 2019, additional Rest Stops at specific intervals with water and facilities. Official Aid Stations will be stocked with: fruit (bananas, oranges, watermelon), pretzels, water, sports drinks, protein bars etc). The last Aid Station on the 150km course will have lunch goodies (protein) so you have energy to finish. Special treats will add variety to the later Aid Stations. Several Aid Stations include toilet facilities.

Do I have to bring a spare tube? Are there mechanics on the course?

If our mechanical crew finds you by the side of the road with a flat tire, we will fix your flat and get you on your way. Our team will attempt to fix more complicated mechanical problems and will only charge you for the parts they use (chain, derailleur, etc.). We encourage you to come prepared with basic tools and supplies to change a flat tire, as availability of neutral support will depend on the number of riders in need of mechanical support at any given time.

I’m traveling with friends who do not ride, but would like to volunteer for the event? Can they still volunteer?

Yes, we welcome folks to join our voli-crew team to support riders. Contact our voli co-ordinator at info@countygranfondo.com .

What will be available at the Finish Area?

Water, food, washrooms will be available at the finish area. Riders can then proceed to the BBQ area to receive their complimentary burger (beef, chicken or veggie), and then to Prince Eddy’s for their complimentary beverage (for riders 19 and older).

On-stage entertainment, picnic tables and cover will all be available in the O'Neill Pavilion Area. Awards will begin at 2 p.m.

Results, Updates, & Photos

Where will results be posted?

Results will be posted on our website on home page as soon as possible after the event.

Will I be able to follow the action on social media?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/countygranfondo

Twitter: @countygranfondo using the Twitter hashtag #CountyGF

Instagram: @countygranfondo

Where will I be able to view/purchase event photos following the ride?

Participants can access photos from the website and through a link sent post-event.For 2018, these are available at https://countygranfondo.pixieset.com/

What We Learned From 2018

survey feedback and improvements for 2019

2018 was the 1st year for the Prince Edward County Gran Fondo which sold out with 500 participants. That’s a lot of people for a 1st year event and we received lots of compliments and positive feedback and some suggestions on how to improve the Rider Experience and Operations. We are committed to doing this - here is summary of improvements for 2019:

* A more efficient check-in system. We know those of you checking in Friday night want to get your Rider Package and get to dinner efficiently so we’ll be ready for you with more crew and a streamlined check-in system √

* Friday night dinner - we thought it would be a nice touch to have the dining room offer individual plated dinners but a buffet will make more sense, where a group this size can dine more efficiently (all you can eat). Isaiah Tubbs has committed to there being variety and plenty of carbs and protein in your meal. √

* Breakfast and coffee at the start line. Breakfast will be again available at the Knoll Restaurant in 2019, from 7am. We are trying to negotiate with IT to allow us to serve coffee at the pavilion HQ so it is piping hot and ready when you check-in. We know you love coffee and we’d like to send you off with a cup of java in your system √

* Louder sound system at start line √

* More frequent and larger signage, particularly at critical corners √

* More marshals along the route √

* Additional rest stops for the 100 and 150 km distances √

* Lunch option at the later rest stop for the 150km riders √

* Massage at the finish area √

* More on-route support vehicles - in 2018, we had 5 motorcycles including 2 police leading, 5 cycling marshals and sweep support vehicles and several mechanics but in 2019, we will have additional support and additional mechanics in vehicles to assist with full shop support √

* At the Saturday BBQ lunch, people loved the live music but suggested we 'lower the volume' so they could socialize. Everyone who came to the Saturday night celebration dinner loved the performance by Victor Cooper at the Old Third Winery. He’ll be back in 2019 √

* Staggered starts? Some of you asked if we could stagger the starts with later departures (50k; 100k; 150k) but we feel it important to cycle along #12 and through Sandbanks early, before traffic and we feel starting the ride en masse is important. With the 8 am start and police escort, it was nice to have the road to ourselves and feel it is vital for safety as we roll out along West Lake and through the Park. Having said this, we have agreed to allow a limited number of 150 km riders depart at 7:00am (we'll call you 'Early Risers'). If you are at the start line at 7 am (if you didn't check-in Friday night, this means checking in no later than 6:45 am), we'll start a clock for you, but otherwise, we will assume you will start with the masses at 8 am. We are trying to be flexible. We will again keep the BBQ and music going until 3pm so please choose your distance accordingly. If you arrive after 3pm, our finish line crew will be on hand to greet you, and hand you a cold, frosty beverage. Heck, after 7+ hours on your bike, you deserve this and our congrats. There will be at least one cycling marshal/mechanic on bike sweeping each distance, so if you are the red lantern rider, you'll have company.